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Irreecha and Woyane madness.

Irreecha and Woyane madness. By Yilma Bekele October 2nd, 2016 will be a day of infamy in the history of our great nation. Oct 2nd will stand along Yekatit 12, 1937 where the Fascist leader Graziani ordered the massacre of over 30,000 Ethiopians in Addis Ababa and vicinity due to an attempt on his life. We erected a monument at Sidist Kilo to commemorate that dark day. It is there both to remind us about the price of losing sovereignty and the consequences. No one has killed us indiscriminately like that until the arrival of Woyane.    It is sad but October 2nd 2016 will equal in the atrocity to that ugly day in 1937. October 2nd. millions were put in harm’s way, and many hundreds died. There was no questions hundreds of thousands were traumatized. People celebrating freely were in an instant made to flee for their life not knowing where to. There were mothers with children, pregnant women, old men and women and toddlers that came to wash the problems of last year and hope and pray for a better one. Irreecha festival is a happy event where the elders give thanks if it was a happy and prosperous year and pray to make the coming one a better one. It has been celebrated as far back as one can remember. Nothing like what took place that day has ever occurred. The government set up search stations on all roads leading to the event making sure there are no weapons. The area was encircled both by Oromia police and Special Forces of the Woyane group. No one...

A weekend with Ethiopians.

A weekend with Ethiopians. By Yilma Bekele I was thinking if by any chance an alien is to visit our planet and happen to land in good old Ethiopia, I am afraid the space traveler would be disappointed with earthlings and  ‘It’ will engage Turbocharge and beat it back to where it came from in a New York minute. That is because today Ethiopia is not a pleasant place to be. It is supposedly the envy of the world with ‘double digit ‘ growth and an emerging Democracy. Well that story is fake. It is under Emergency Rule of the most draconian kind and the regime has declared war on its own citizens.   What our alien would encounter is a society that is malfunctioning in a spectacular manner and teetering on the verge of collapse. It will see famine and starvation in the 21st century, mass killings of peaceful citizens, and witness the vast majority of the population on the move just to get away. In the north the soldiers are on alert made to believe of an impending invasion, in the west the land has been sold to outsiders so they could grow food for their citizens thousands of miles away, in the east war is a constant way of life, the south has become a highway to escape from hell and the central area is turned into a killing field. The only peaceful and serene place in Ethiopia is region 1 Tigrai. It is not #1 by name only. Schools are open and life is as normal as ever. The picture in the other parts of...

The summer of our upheaval.

This is the summer the Ethiopian people declared ‘I’ve had it up to here’ and rebelled against Woyane rule. Afew things ignited the rage that has now engulfed the whole country. The Addis Ababa Master plan designed to confiscate land though being in the planning stage for a while did not go do well with the poor farmers. It was Abbay Tsehaye’s turn to prove his worth and it failed  miserably. TPLF embarked on its killing orgy to quiet the noise. Over a thousand lives, tens of thousands youth in camps and untold property damage the repression did not achieved the intended result. The issue of Wolkait-Tegede reared its head at this unfortunate time. Unfortunate for the Tigrai based cabal. Of course Wolkait-Tsegede question became an Amhara issue. It is also true folks began to connect the dots. Before you know it Gondar defied the regime came out waving the  real Ethiopian flag and picture of Bekele Gerba the unassuming Oromo leader. Slogans shouted ‘Oromo blood is Amhara blood’. Needless to say TPLF was in disarray. The customary Erecha festival was the time when things took an ominous turn to the mafia group. Bus loads of Amhara elders from Gondar, Bahir Dar and Northern Shoa came to Bishoftu to celebrate with their Oromo cousins. The elders sat down under one tent and affirmed their kinship. That was the straw that broke Woyane back. Their information and propaganda Minister had a meltdown on national TV. The Amhara and the Oromo cannot come together he declared with confidence. The TPLF play book does not contain instructions on how to deal with...

The changing face of Ethiopia.

The US elections are over and I have not met anyone happy with the outcome. All the dirty linen was was washed in public and the winner was the one with the most stain. The opinion polls malfunctioned spectacularly. I followed the election process as told by what is called the ‘liberal’ media. Huffington Post, Slate, The New Yorker among many convinced me it was going to be a ride in the park for Secretary Clinton. HP even gave the Democrats a 91.5% percent of winning the Presidency. In case you forgot the Donald won bigly.   It is almost a week now and things are sort of returning back to normal, if there is such thing as normal anymore when you have the Donald in charge. How fast the Donald learns the awesome responsibility of being The President is the talk of the town. The Democrats are licking their wound but the Republicans have a leader that is indebted to no one except his ability to con. I am sure the Republican leadership is afraid of him than they are of the Democrats. God help the human race is what I think. Ethiopian Americans mostly if not all supported the Democratic ticket. I am always envious when my family and friends vote. It is a source of wonder to think an Ethiopian upon Naturalization can participate in choosing the most powerful office holder in the world. That same Ethiopian is not trusted or considered mature enough to make a choice of who leads him/her when at home. The Tigrai based regime has turned the civic responsibility of voting...

Ethiopia - Political and civic leaders in prison.

Eskinder Nega

Eskinder Nega

Eskinder Nega (born c. 1968[1]) is an Ethiopian journalist and blogger who has been jailed seven times by the government of Meles Zenawi, including convictions for treason and terrorism.[2] He received the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award in May 2012,[2] and Amnesty International designated him a prisoner of conscience.[1]

Reyot Alemu

“Courageous” is the word that keeps cropping up in descriptions of Reyot Alemu, the Ethiopian journalist whose reporting and columns, mainly on political and economic issues, landed her a five-year prison term for “promoting terrorism”, and who was recently awarded the 2013 UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize for her contributions to press freedom.

Andualem Arage

Andualem Arage is a Head of Public Relations Committee, at the rank of Vice Chair for Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ).

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